Pretty pots for storing your menstrual cup!
Three earthy goddesses preside
over small pots of a perfect size
for the
DIVA cup or for
KEEPER cups with stems that
have been trimmed short.
Rubber likes darkness, and this
little jar will keep your cup clean
and safe, and look nice in your
bathroom in those weeks
between periods..
$20 plus $6
shipping and handling.
Individually wheel-thrown, hand decorated and high fired. Dishwasher safe and non-toxic
A fancy handled pot Brown stoneware clay,
high fired, with honey amber glaze. This little pot
has a textured base for drainage, ventilation
holes, and is tall enough for a keeper with the
stem untrimmed as well as for trimmed keepers
and diva cups. One of a kind, specially detailed
pot. $28 plus $6 shipping and handling.
This amber moon pot would look
great on a bathroom shelf or sill.
Honey glaze goes gold, lavender and
even blue where it pools. If your
keeper stem is less than an inch, or if
you have a Diva cup, this is a nice
size. $26 plus $6 shipping and
I'm sorry so many of these are sold! This project
is next on my list. Check back soon, OK?